About Author

My name is Mohammad Aslam Chaudhry. I was born in India, on 25th of December 1946. My parents migrated to Pakistan in 1947. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree. I could not get any religious education from any religious institution or teacher. Almighty Allah has bestowed upon me special understanding of selected subjects of the book called; AL-KITAAB, in holy Qur’an.

It was around the year 1986, when, I saw my most Magnificent ALLAH, in a dream. Then a few weeks or months, after that, I saw Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) in another sacred dream. I saw that Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) took off his own shawl from his head and shoulders and then soothingly placed that shawl upon my head, shoulders and body.

Around year 1989, The Magnificent Allah opened my heart for honour and understanding of the Holy Qur’an. Gradually, I could learn more and more explicit meanings of some verses of Holy Qur’an. I believe that my Allah (himself) revealed awe–inspiring comprehension as well as the supporting evidences (from similar verses) from the Holy Qur’an. Occasionally through dreams, occasionally through real life experiences, and many times by granting a special ability to notice such facts/events, which most people have consistently overlooked, the most Gracious Allah has blessed me, with exceptionally convincing knowledge of his words, verses and signs.

Other than this extra-ordinary benevolence of my Allah, I am merely a common person like any other person. I have normal strengths and weaknesses, like most people, but, with different level and different degree of individual strengths and weaknesses.

I do not claim that I have full knowledge of all the verses of the Holy Qur’an. I declare that my knowledge is limited to what the magnificent Allah decided to reveal and teach me. New facts, ideas, knowledge and proofs are intermittently revealed to me, even now. The all-knowing Allah has granted me adequate knowledge, as He deemed appropriate, for my situation.

I am not a reformer. My Allah himself is the reformer. I am only one of many servants of Allah. Each individual has the responsibility to reform himself under the guidance and help of their own loving and caring Allah. My work is limited to help the people (only those who choose to accept my help) of my nation, in identifying, general errors, overlooks, distortions or misunderstandings about the commandments/prescriptions of their Allah

I have NO authority to impose my ideas upon the people. I can only present the evidences, which are gracefully revealed upon me, by the Almighty Allah. I urge all readers to only believe; in the truth of the Words of God, as their own eyes, ears and heart shall guide them.

May our all-knowing ALLAH grant abundant of wisdom, knowledge, favours, health, prosperity, successes, security, virtues and dignity to all those who have studied this page. Aameen.